Coaching provides a valuable framework that helps close the gap between where you are and where you want to go.  It is not therapy, school or a mentorship.  It is a relationship between equals where one person agrees to act in the service of the other's quest for truth and evolution.

Part of the magic of coaching is that each relationship is uniquely designed to best fit the personality and purpose of the individual.  It is a customized experience that that takes into account the whole person and incorporates specific language that speaks to the core of each individual.

Through powerful questions, active listening and breaking down self-imposed limitations, our work will allow you to see yourself, your life, your challenges and how you are operating in the world from a new perspective.  


New perspectives generate new ideas. New ideas produce new possibilities. New possibilities create excitement and focused action. Focused action leads forward movement.

Accountability (judgement-free) is the backbone of this work.  It is a powerful tool that will not only serve to forward your action, but it will also act as a means to deepen your learning.  Every action that you take (or don't take) becomes a source for feedback - what worked? What didn't work? Why? What did it feel like? What would you do differently?

In short, coaching provides a safe place for honest feedback and introspection that will provide you with clarity and increased self-awareness, and serve to propel you forward. To higher stages of personal and professional development and satisfaction, as well as greater levels of effectiveness and impact.


Any kind of meaningful change or adjustment is first and foremost and internal process.  It requires discipline, awareness and a proper framework  -–  this is what coaching offers.










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of coaching?

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I am passionate about developing people from the inside out. 

My greatest pleasure comes from watching my clients thrive — personally and professionally — as a result of our work.

Personal development is not just a path to problem-solving.  It is a path to growth.  A way to prosper in even the most challenging times.  It is your way to a better life.

Carolina Oliva

Carolina Oliva

Nieves Coaching

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