Carolina creates a space for individuals, creatives, leaders and executives that allows them to get clear on who they are and how they are operating in the world, while bringing into focus who they want to become and what they want to achieve.  

By broadening perspectives and increasing self-awareness, Carolina helps you see the world in a different light.  When you see things, people and situations differently, you show up differently. When you show up differently, you carry new energy and creativity; you see new possibilities; you make better choices; you achieve things you never thought were possible.

"I am most passionate about developing people from the inside out and inspired by the power of living a life that is aligned purpose.  I believe this is the key to living a rich, rewarding and impactful -- and the only way to

achieve real success."

A Communications major with a short stint as a journalist at an NBC affiliate working alongside news anchors and producers to help deliver live, breaking news, Carolina has spent the majority of her career as a senior executive of a boutique investment firm where she traveled all over the world marketing the company’s real estate projects and raising capital from foreign investors.  

How did a Communications major end up in a finance role? Curiosity, drive, resilience and a commitment to continuous learning.  How did she achieve success over the past 10 years in that role? By focusing on connection and on the power of being in the service of others.  Carolina has closed countless deals and successfully led all capital raising efforts by creating, cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with investors.

Spending weeks at a time in countries like South Korea, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong where she was often not familiar with the language, customs, or culture, Carolina developed teams, led workshops and gave large-scale presentations that built the proper infrastructure to capitalize all of the company's projects.  In a broader context, Carolina realized that at the core of what she was doing was creating trust with strangers by listening to their needs, understanding their values and delivering what was most important to them.

The combination of both a growing affinity for the human aspect of her work and disillusion in the leadership style and business approach of the company, Carolina set off in a new direction that tapped into her true passions – anthropology, emotional intelligence, personal development and humanity.


Carolina's coaching approach has been described as straightforward and powerful in a way that challenges conventional thinking and stretches individuals outside of their comfort zone, while also being uniquely gentle, compassionate and completely devoid of judgment so that individuals are free to explore all aspects of themselves. 

Carolina is a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF), a trained Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) on the Co-Active Coaching Model and holds a Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University (Cum Laude).

Harvard Medical School’s Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital continues to develop neuroscience research that supports the value, efficacy and positive effect of coaching on the brain.